Tips On Knife Care

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Is it time to replace your knifes?

Here are 5 quick tips on keeping your knife in top shape for longer.


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1. Handle knives with respect: Knives can be damaged if they are handled carelessly.


2. Keep knives sharp:  Learn the proper techniques for both sharpening and honing knives. A sharp knife not only performs better, but is safer to use because less effort is required to cut through the food.


3. Keep knives clean: Clean knives thoroughly, immediately after using them. Sanitize the entire knife, including the handle, bolster, and blade, as necessary, so that the tool will not cross-contaminate food. Do not clean knives in a dishwasher.


4. Use an appropriate cutting surface:Cutting directly on metal, glass, or marble surfaces will dull and eventually damage the blade of a knife. To prevent dulling, always use wooden or composition cutting boards.


5. Keep knives properly stored. There are a number of safe, practical ways to store knives, including in knife kits or rolls, slots, racks, and on magnetized holders. Storage systems should be kept just as clean as knives.

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